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As a Lux business partner, your lifestyle can be anything you want it to be.  Your only limits are what you set yourself.  At Lux New Zealand we will assist you in many ways to help you achieve your goals.  The Lux way of life is more than a selling strategy… it is a way of thinking – about our company, our customers, our products, our families and ourselves today and tomorrow.

Lux is well known for selling the highest quality products on the market with the most well-trained and equipped salespeople.  As a Lux business partner, you have a unique opportunity to provide the kind of individualised service to your customers that can never be received from a salesperson in a retail shop. You have the chance to talk with them inside their homes or place of business and get the opportunity to meet the real customer.

Our Business Partners are Lux’s most important resource as they are the vital link between Lux and our customers.  The healthy connection between our Business partners and our customers are one of the most important factors for success.





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