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Business Rewards

As a Lux business partner, your lifestyle can be anything you want it to be.  Your only limits are what you set yourself.  At Lux, we will assist you in many ways to help you achieve your goals. A Career with Lux can provide you with a better way...

  • a better way to make a living.

  • a better way to live your life than being startled awake by your alarm in the morning to commute to a job, only to worry about the possibility of layoffs and downsizing and then commuting back home, with too few hours left in the day to do what you'd really like to do with your time & your family.

  • a better way to make more money, earn multiple streams of income, or save money for retirement, or even retire early.

  • a better way to find financial freedom, time freedom, and the means to become generous with the rest of the world..

  • a better way to work the hours you want.  To be recognised and receive the rewards from your own hard work.

A Lux business partner can be proud of what we have to offer.  You do not just sell home environmental products, you offer your customers the chance to develop a whole new Lux lifestyle.  Lux is about creating homes and businesses that are healthy, clean, and bright in every way.  In the end, Lux is about partnerships.  A Lux partnership is about realising that working to help others is the best way that we can help ourselves. 





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