Lux EcoSteam

The complete range for residential use, light commercial and larger homes and high grade commercial applications.

Chemical free so perfect for those allergic to chemicals or just wanting a healthier home.
Saves you time and money.
Clean and degrease hard floors, tiles & grout, carpets, kitchens, ovens , windows, bathrooms and freshen clothes, curtains and upholstery all with one machine.
Sanitization and sterilization of all surfaces cleaned due to the steam temperature at the point of contact. This makes it the perfect solution to protect the health of your family or customers.
Removes residues left behind from other cleaning methods slowing the build up of dirt and grime.
Effortless operation without the need for scrubbing.
• Easy removal of grime and fly dirt which restores the shine to glossy and metal surfaces instantly lifting the look of your room.
Standard accessory kit includes Diamond Brush tool, Floor Mop/Scrubber tool, Crevice attachment, 250mm Aluminium Steam Lance, Large Triangle Nylon brush, Detail Steel brush, Detail Brass brush and 2 x Aluminium extension poles.

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