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Lux New Zealand will provide you with complete training right from the day you start and furthermore, we will provide you with ongoing training and support throughout your career with Lux.

The Lux Business Academy works with in-house experts with many years of experience in Lux products and our methods of selling and is recognised for excellence around the world.  The training our business partners receive is particularly attractive in the employment marketplace, and is something you can carry with you in the future.

The Lux Business Academy is intensive, challenging and very sales orientated with a strong focus on learning by doing.  The curriculum usually alternates between the theoretical and the practical with students first attending training and then using newly-acquired knowledge in the field. Our on-going training is also designed to provide the necessary business skills to provide our Business Partners with a rich and rewarding career.

And perhaps the most important training of all, which is available to all Lux partners is the training “School of Life”.  Lux business partners learn everyday about the power of working diligently toward a goal and the power of preserving – despite the obstacles.




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